We provide support that covers everything from installing
a new printer to troubleshooting your Ethernet cabling.

What is an "Apple Certified Technical Coordinator" ?

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) certification verifies a foundation in Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server features and use, including the ability to configure key services and perform basic troubleshooting of the essential Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server capabilities. The required exam is now based on Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server v10.2.


We can install system components such as ram, hard drives, and even faster CPU's. Sometimes upgrades cost more than full system purchases. Each scenario varies; We can consult with you whether or not to upgrade your existing hardware.

Data Backup

Backing up data is very commonly overlooked. We can set up and design a backup strategy to meet your specific needs. We typically use Dantz Retrospect as it provides a wide variety of backup options including backing up off site to FTP servers.


We approach troubleshooting with an open mind. The solution and answer is always out there. It is how you go about finding it. Yes, sometimes the solution is as simple as recognizing a problem you have seen before; but, what makes MC.COM valuable in troubleshooting is that we have experience using our resources and tools to find the answer.


We can assist with implementing various scripts to help your company's workflow including languages such as AppleScript, PHP, CGI , etc.